Friday, August 01, 2008

We Got Our LOA!

Update: Troy has the LOA package!
.... or at least the e-mail saying it is on our way. It is to arrive today by FedEX, but I am in SLC and Troy is working, so I am PRAYING all is well. Troy said he will handle it, so I am trusting him. I can be a control freak and I DO NOT like being thousands of miles away from a major milestone, so this is a good test for me. We also got an update on Ty from the CCAA a couple of days ago. This time it says he is introverted and loves his bath. I find it interesting because our referral information said he is extroverted. Oh well. Sounds like a typical kid to me. We cannot wait to see what he is really like. We also got this picture that was taken on the day we got his referral!