Monday, March 27, 2006

Things are Looking Up!

Yeah!!! Troy and I got our physicals scheduled for this week along with our first appointment with a homestudy agency! We decided to go with ABC Counseling and Family Services in Normal, IL. They are cheaper then the other agencies, plus they had the best customer service! We are also getting our passport pictures taken this week. A new Walgreens went in by our Dr. so we are going to be efficient and kill two birds with one stone! My passport is current, but we need to send passport photos in with our dossier. Troy is going to need two for the dossier and the other to send in with his old passport! It feels good to get the ball rolling! I was reading online where it is taking longer for referrels since Oprah did a show on the one child policy in China. In addition, Russia and Ukraine adoptions have been unstable, so people are switching to China. China has had three times as many people applying to adopt which has slowed down the process. At this point, we are OK with that. It gives us time to save more money and work on fundraisers. I am sure once we are finished with our Dossier, we will be anxious. In the meantime, we conitnue to push along and pray for our child(ren).

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