Friday, March 31, 2006

Our First Interview!

Troy and I drove this morning to Bloomington for our first interview in the homestudy process! We came back with MORE paperwork to fill out! Many of it is personal and makes you think about how you really live and operate in this world as a individual, but also as a couple. I think all couples should have to fill this paperwork out! Maybe the divorce rate would be less, maybe there would be more mature and responsible parents, maybe more people would choose to marry instead of having children outside of wedlock...

Here is some of the material we have been reading and watching! China's Lost Girls video by National Geographic is fabulous! It really explains the one child policy in China and the problems that have come with it. It also follows a group of adoptive parents on their trip to China to pick up their daughters! It is definately 5 star material!


David Shain said...

You go girl! The world (our small one) is watching. And praying. Each of us in a small way, like Christ's little cheerleaders.

Wheeler said...

Congratulations! Of course, we think adoption is great! Our prayers are with you.
In Him,
Neil& Stacey Wheeler

Wheeler said...
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Rich&Maya said...

Wow! We hope and pray that all will go well. You will make great parence. May God fill you to the brim with his love, peace and patience.
Brother and Sister in Christ,