Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Our Story

Troy and I were accepted to adopt from China on 3/18/06! We sent our application to Chinese Children Adoption International out of Centennial, CO 3/14/06 and were estatic when we received the call our app was accepted! Adoption was always in the back of our mind and it was never an issue of whether to go for it or not, but after dealing with infertility for several years and having procedures fail on us, God kept planting the seed in our mind. We had two potential domestic adoptions that fell through and knew with international, it was a guarantee! We started researching countries and agencies, but felt led back to China. People ask us why China and we say, "Why not?" On our way to Alaska for Troy's brothers wedding, God kept on putting adopted Chinese children in our midst when we were in Chicago. While eating lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, a child was in the booth in front of us. Later on, two more families walked in with children. While killing time before we had to get to the airport, we walked Woodfield Mall. Once again, we ran into another family at Rainforest Cafe'! Troy and I stopped to talk with them and asked what agency they used! CCAI came up again. This was after I had talked to people about the agency they chose and we felt God was leading us to CCAI! Then the real kicker, we went to our friends church from seminary in Wasilla, Alaska and a girl was baptized at the 8:00 service who was adopted from China! Once again, God was speaking to us!

So now our application has been accepted for either a boy or girl and we requested we were open to twins! Now the paperchase, fundraisers and grant writing begins! We cannot wait!

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Janet Naumann said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us! We are so excited for you going the adoption route. What wonderful experiences you will have when God brings your special blessing(s) into your lives. Prayers will be said that things proceed quickly & smoothly. Blessings to you both!
Love, Janet