Saturday, March 25, 2006

Our Chinese Imperial Dog

Here are some pictures of Jack(son). He loves to sleep, chase rabbits and play with his hedgehogs! Troy and I decided it is only appropriate to stay in the tradition of adopting Chinese children since we already have a Chinese Imprerial dog... a Lhaso Apso.

Back to the paperchase...we mailed the application for Troy's birth certificate today and my birth certificate and marriage certificate went in the mail last Tuesday. Our first agency fee along with the signed and notarized service agreement and fee schedule go in the mail on Monday. We prefer to send those by certified mail,so.... On the schedule for next week is to make an appointment with our Dr. for physicals, get passport photos taken (Troy's needs to be renewed and we need to send extras in for both of us) select our homestudy agency and get fingerprinted. I have been calling and getting information on homestudy agencies in the area and it has been extremely frustrating! It looks like we will be choosing one in Normal, IL. They returned my phone call right away and were the only ones who offered to send information before I got a chance to ask. I was impressed by their customer service, plus, they are cheaper then the rest, but it still isn't cheap! It is amazing how the fees vary by each agency for the same service. I have been extremely frustrated with Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. I wanted to get info on their service since they are a part of our church body and sometimes pastor's get a price break in services. I have left 7 messages with them and only one has been returned. Even then, I gave the social worker my work phone, cell phone and home phone. She could have reached me if she really wanted, but... I don't know if they are under staffed and their caseloads are high, but customer service plays a huge role in our book! Hopefully the agency in Normal continues to impress us!

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