Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Ty...

...oh, my sweet first born. You will forever hold a piece of me. You have my heart. Your Gotcha Day seems like yesterday and my heart aches that you are growing older... but I know it must be done. I admire how you remind your dad and I to read from the Jesus Storybook Bible each night. I cherish the talks we have in the early morning while "cuddlerocking" in the chair with my coffee while watching and listening to the birds. Your creativity and curiousity ignite my day. I never know what you will ask and your questions are beyond age appropriateness in my opinion. But I have answered them in the best way that I can. You too, have made me a wiser and stronger person. You have made me question my faith, my beliefs, my insecurities... but then again, you have made me strong. I appreciate the words from your mouth, "This is delicious mommy", "I want to go on a date" and "Why?" That curious and mysterious "why?"

... lover of all things sweet...even though this popscicle is healthy and you don't even realize it!

My mischevious little one... my little Jackson Pollock.

When tired, you slow down and asks deep questions.

My cautious one.
My destroyer during nap time... or do you call it creativity?

... my pouty one. Poor little guy has had his world turned upside down. I call this the age of confusion. One day he is so big and the next day he is mama's baby. Hard decisions to make when one is soon to be 4.
...the one to dress himself when it doesn't even match. On this day we have stripes, so all is well. Overalls, or "bibs" as they call them in the Midwest (this is one phrase that has NOT grown on me) are the preferred attire.

... my little boy who will sneak into our bed at night for cuddles and snuggle into my bosom.

Dear Ty, always and forever.

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