Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

Our sunshine...Remy Grace DangCan. We cannot get enough of this little sprite.

Whoever gave Remy her Chinese name, Can Can, meaning "bright, illuminating one", thank you. You hit the nail right on the spot. We are so in love with this damsel. Her spirit is infectious. She adds sunshine to our lives and finds joy in little things. She is a lover of animals, nature, bugs and birds. She is our peaceful little one who sits down with a crayon to color. She is venturesome. Remy finds no fear in heights and climbing whatever available. Her palate is refined for a child her age and has not rejected a single morsel we have offered her.

Remy has a compassionate spirit. She will be the first to hug and forgive someone when she has been wronged. Just ask Ty. She is a vigorous. Her sunshine does not quit, even during sickness. Just ask the nurses and our pediatrician when we were in the hospital at Christmas and with our recent episode of RSV. They say, "You are not a typical sick child." We found out on a follow-up visit for RSV, Remy had a double ear infection. She pulled on one ear a tad, but never gave us any other indication there might be an issue. Can Can, we are eternally honored, YOU were chosen for US, by HIM.

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