Thursday, April 14, 2011

Apologies Please

My parents with their grandchildren while visiting in March.

From the Lullaby Concert at the Decatur Public Library sponsored by my employer, BabyTALK.

Please accept my apology for not updating this blog as much as you desire. With 2 little ones, my time is so limited. Nap time is spent cleaning, paying bills, prepping dinner, getting 15 minutes quiet time to myself.... you get the picture. I am so exhausted in the evening, I just want to read instead of spend time in front of a screen. Facebook has become my way of updating in a sense. I do enjoy blogging and wonder why I don't do it more often once I am logged on. Oh well. I will try to do better, but I am not going to make promises. Enjoy the photos.

1 comment:

T n' W said...

Those kiddos are just adorable together! Ty is so not a baby anymore:(

I have a hard enough time remembering to blog with just one, can't even imagine it there were two running around!!