Monday, October 05, 2009

Howdy Ya'll!

Yep, we are alive and kicking. My Mommy and Daddy have been busy with life that posting on the blog has been their last priority. They have been busy doing paperwork (along with work and church stuff) so I might have a little sister in a couple of years.

Guess what? I no longer qualify for speech services! Unheard of coming from a child born with cleft lip and palate, but Mommy and Daddy agree. They are going to let me see Ms. Linda once a week until I am 3 and then decide from there. Ms. Linda says I do not sound nasally, I can make all the appropriate sounds for my age and I am on target both expressively and receptively in language. My articulation is not great at times, but gets better each day.

My grandma and grandpa just visited from Texas. Mommy has lots of cute pictures to post from our trip to the pumpkin patch. I had so much fun looking at all the different animals, pumpkins and chasing Daddy in the corn maze. By the way, I can now say "Daddy"! I still call him YaYa at times, but I have come a long way from calling both my parents "Mama".

Time for my mommy to get to bed. Talk to you soon.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

WOO-HOOOO!!! Go Ty!! That is SO awesome! Proud of you.

Our own Q still reserves the right to call both of us "mama" now and then, but she now says "Papa" most of the time, though she has not yet mastered the "D" for daddy.

T n' W said...

Way to go Ty! You're amazing! (tears) I'm so glad your mommy and daddy have been too busy to post! Hope I'll be that busy soon.

Anonymous said...