Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Potty Time!

It all started Monday night while in the tub. Ty said "PP" and he peed in an old Nuby cup that he plays with in the bathtub. We cheered and did a little potty dance and told Daddy who was super proud. There wasn't anything on the calender on Tuesday so Ty spent the morning in his big boy underwear and he went potty every time! He has continued this routine while we are at home. We still haven't ventured out in big boy pants, but he does understand the concept. His face lights up and he does his own little dance when he accomplishes the deed. It is too cute! Of course he wants the gummy bear that waits for him at the end. I wasn't going to bribe him with food (stickers and stamps on the hand instead), but the grandparents brought candy from my mom's recent trip to Germany. Ty has been constantly running to the freezer where we keep the candy (we prefer our sweets frozen for some reason) wanting the yummies and I have denied him. Finally I told him he can have a gummy once he goes potty. That was the trick!


Alyson & Ford said...

Congrats! No more diapers is a grand event!! (actually, AA has been potty trained for about six months but we still put a pull up on her at night, even though she is dry 6 of 7 mornings).
Happy Potty raining!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Carol Geddis said...

I was going to do the no treat thing too, it worked ok for a few days, but we relented to fruit snacks (2) for going #2, it worked like a charm. P is trained except at night, not even 3 so I am not worrying about that just yet. P trained in about 2 weeks. Good luck, let it come at his pace.

Anonymous said...