Thursday, September 17, 2009

1 Year Ago Yesterday...

This was my look as I walked into the restaurant and saw my precious child of God. He was the first kid to arrive and beat us to the restaurant. You can see more about this day here.
It was so hard to control myself and not rip my son out of the caretakers arms.

I remember we had to wait, and wait (at least it seemed like for me) for "the moment". Patience is not my best virtue and I so badly wanted to hold little Ty.

The poor little guy had no idea why these people were crying and taking all these pictures. And this crazy lady was once again trying to capture his attention.

...finally in our arms, but so scared.

...we became a family of 3! It was such a surreal day that is hard for us to put into words. We said that Ty was "so good and didn't cry." Looking back at these pictures, our little guy was so scared. Look at his stiff arm, he barely wanted to look us in the eye and he has no idea why this crazy lady kept rubbing his back. Thanks to our travel mates, they were able to capture these pictures.


Ruth and Brian said...

I can just feel how much you loved him back then. I can only imagine how much your love has grown over this past year! What a treasure you are to Ty as his parents.

Congratulations on your first year together!

T n' W said...

Yeah!! for travelmates! Pictures are just pricless. It has been an honor for me to watch your family of three making new and unforgetable memories. It's hard to believe a year has passed already and it's time to go to the pumkin patch AGAIN!:)
Happy Family Day you guys. Ain't it grand to be a family!

6 Deuels said...

Troy and Amy,
Loved this post! Loved it! I cried! You guys are such an inspiration.

The Deuel Family

Alyson & Ford said...

The top photo is PRICELESS!!! Talk about capturing the emotion of love and excitement all wrapped into one! year ago we met you all and each of our lives were to be changed FOREVER. God is good...

Anonymous said...