Friday, May 22, 2009

A Sunday Stroll

We spent a glorious and cool Sunday morning (the beauty of organic/house church on Saturday evening) at a local conservation area that has various trails and a paved bike path that connects another park. This was my first time to explore the area and it was a true beauty. Due to recent rains and flooding, the bike path was our only avenue to explore. We did off-road in the stroller on a trail that led to the river, but had to stop due to the path being underwater. The picture above is a piece of our hike.

My boys enjoying their stroll.
And he is off! Ty and I had a little run to get out some wiggles.

The beloved walnut we found that Ty would not give up. It continues to ride with us in both of our strollers.

The aftermath of rain.

The little guy was ready to get out and push the stroller himself. I love this shot.

Ty found a stick that became a drumstick.

A pond that we came upon with lots of fish being caught.

This is a retired Christmas tree farm at the conservation area. We had a lot of fun picking up pine cones, play in the needles and enjoying the smells. It brought back so many memories of my time spent in Colorado and made me want to go back....NOW!

My little guy rocking on a log.


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