Monday, May 25, 2009

My New Addiction...Toys!

I told myself that I would not buy toys for Ty. In fact, the majority of our toys have been given to us as gifts or recycled from friends and neighbors. But...TJ MAX has become my new resource for toys. Our speech and developmental therapist have the coolest toys which Ty loves. I refuse to duplicate their toys because I want them to be exciting for Ty during his sessions with them..but they have told me about TJ MAX. Our store carries a lot of Melissa and Doug toys which a friend told me about. Her son was born with CL/CP and said their toys are often used by therapists. I found this picnic set by Melissa and Doug and Ty has spent hours playing with it. Each piece of food has Velcro attached and you use the knife and cutting board to cut. It is great for fine motor skills which Ty obviously has no problem with.


T n' W said...

How cute! And don't be too hard on yourself:) You were bound to give in to that eventually anyway. You would not believe it by looking at Sophie's room, but we haven't bought a toy since Christmas. Except for her mini pool and life jacket, but they don't count.

Have a great week!

Karen Graff-Povis said...

Hi there!! What a blessing! Ty has grown so much, and not just the physical part of growing!! I can see you are so proud!! I haven't visited here is some time, so I was just checking in to see how your wonderful family is doing! Beautiful...just beautiful! I agree on the Melissa and Doug toys. Kohls carries a few too!

Ruth and Brian said...

I love the toys! We too haven't bought anything for Abigail until just recently. My mom also found a Little Tykes Kitchen with all the dishes/food at a garage sale (steal of a deal)and Abigail LOVES to play with her kitchen stuff.

Never heard of Melissa and Doug toys - I'll have to keep my ears open.

Also btw, can you buy baby Zyrtec?? or did you have to get a prescription for it??

Anonymous said...