Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Things Never Change

Today we went to Babies R Us is Springfield to look at baby furniture after doing massive research on the Net. Wouldn't you know, we end up purchasing the same crib and combo unit (dresser and changing table) we looked at over a year ago when there was a strong possibility of getting a child from DCFS. We were set on one style, but couldn't decide what finish to get it in...honey, walnut, natural, black. The honey and walnut looked "homey" with our Alphabet Soup crib set, but the stains were off between the crib and combo unit and there was not a guarantee we could get the stain we wanted. So we ended up getting the black! It does look VERY cute with our crib set and we have decided to paint the walls the same color as our bedroom..."Granny Smith apple green" as I call it or "Margarita" as Troy says! We will post pictures once we are done! The furniture has to be ordered and we should get it in 2 weeks.