Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're Back...

...from Clearlake, Iowa! We had a long weekend celebrating Troy's cousins wedding and catching up with family! Pictures to come soon! Troy did an incredible job of officiating the ceremony and had an inspiring message...of course I am biased, but he got a lot of compliments! I overheard one conversation that went like this: "Is this the new pastor at this church? If so, I will start going to church!" Well sorry guys, we are not in IA but you can come to our house for church in IL!

We stopped in Iowa City on the way home to get lunch and walk around the mall! We have passed this mall for years, but never got to check it out since we always had Jackson with us (he stayed home with his favorite dog/house sitter)! We are not mall crazy, but just about everything is a treat to us considering what we have at home! Troy felt at home wearing his University of Iowa hat and wasn't razzed for once!