Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Shark!

Call me a suckerfor infomercials, but I DISLIKE ( I am being very kind) cleaning our kitchen floor, until I saw the Shark Steam Mop on T. V. and here. Our linoleum floors are white and have dimples in it that harbor dirt. The polish has worn off in well worn spots and leaves these grungy brown spots. It takes LOTS of elbow grease to get the floors in tip top company condition and we have people over weekly for house church and other stuff. After doing some research, of course, I ordered my Shark to see how miraculous it really is. The lavender machine arrived yesterday and it has been put to WORK. I don't want to say it is everything I was expecting it to be, but it does its job. I am still not sure if I am going to keep it, but I will continue to test it for the next 60 days until it must be returned if I decide not to keep it. I think that our floor dimples have not be exfoliated in the proper manner in a long time that it will take a couple of cleanings until it is perfection.

Update: The steam mop works! The floors look whiter and refreshed! It doesn't move as easy as the video demonstrates, but it beats the mop and chemicals! We have been using GREEN cleaning products for many years using Melaleuca Eco Sense products from our seminary days. They go a long way!