Monday, November 12, 2007

I received an email from a respected adoption agency today promoting the movie Bella. This is what they say:

The award-winning film BELLA has been a box office success in 30 major cities since its limited release on October 26. Because of its success, BELLA will be shown in 19 more major cities on November 9 and in at least 30 more cities on November 16. Winner of the Toronto Film Festival, this movie shows how love goes beyond romance with the lead actor sharing compassion for a woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.The message of adoption is portrayed in a positive and authentic manner, and the ending of the movie is one you will never forget. This film has the opportunity to make a major impact on our culture’s view of abortion and adoption.

This movie truly excites me and I pray it will have a major impact on our culture's view of abortion and adoption. I work with pregnant and parenting teen moms including at-risk families who are expecting. It breaks my heart to see the choices some families continue make and I can only think how thier lives would be positively different had they made an adoption plan!