Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When it Rains, it FLOODS!

Oh, what a weekend we had! Troy and I decided to go to Chicago to celebrate my birthday, Fathers Day and our anniversary, but NO, the Devil wanted to play some games with us. Here are some of the things that happened to us in our 24 hours of trial:
* We were in a fender bender that did some damage to our car. We are waiting to hear back from our insurance to see if we have a total loss or they will fix it.

* A bird died as it flew into the grill of our wrecked car as we were driving it back home to pick up our other one so we could go on to Chicago.

* We woke up to water dripping from the ceiling in our hotel room. It was insane! We felt like we were walking in a thunderstorm! Of course management was rude to us when we told them about our problem.

* The bed that we REALLY wanted from IKEA did not fit in our car.

* It POURED on us as we loaded our car with a bookcase and desk from IKEA and the sun was out!

Oh well, we laughed and prayed the rest of the time that all would go well. We didn't do everything we planned in Chicago because we were ready for the drama to STOP! Now the positives:

* The guy we had the accident with was incredibly nice! He served two tours in Iraq and got out before they sent him on his 3rd!

* IKEA had a great .99 breakfast, coffee and cinnamon roll. It only cost us $4.54!

* TGIF Fridays had mojitos and rum/coke on special when we arrived Friday night for dinner!

* The customer service help was fabulous at IKEA!

* We came home with an awesome bookcase and desk that will premire in the new catty! They were cheap (and a good quality) too!

So in the meantime, we are debating what type of vehicle we need in case our car is considered a loss. We thought of a minivan once we got our kid(s), but maybe now this is a good reason to jump ahead. Any suggestions? Maybe China is going to speed up and God is saying "get ready". Who knows! Were sure have been tested though!

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