Monday, June 25, 2007

Bye, Bye Camry...

We got word from our insurance agency that our 1994 Camery was considered a total loss. It is sad to see this car go. The "junk yard" is going to pick it up on Tuesday morning to take it to its new home. We don't realize how attached we become to our cars. Troy and I are grateful for the 4 years we have had it. It was a gift from my parents when Troy was doing his internship. We became a one car family after we got married and he entered seminary. We really needed two cars once he did his internship and asked to borrow it for one year since my parents had 3 cars between the two of them. They gave it to us and we have LOVED it! Despite its age, it was an incredible vehicle!

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june judge said...

Hello Troy and Amy,

This is June Judge, your Aunt Diane's mother-in-law.

Your mom brought us up to date, about your search for a baby.

We are very happy for we follow this.

My nephew Bruce Menzel and his wife Michele, traveled to Korea..twice to bring their sons home. They are at Korean camp, held each summer ..even as I write to you.

His cousin Matt and wife Mindy.. are doing an adoption through contacts with family and community . They sent letters with their many relatives..across the U.S. They think they will have a little girl in August. This is being handled by a lawyer..who has done these types of adoptions for others.
Matt's father is a Presbyterian minister..(retired). Matt is a PhD. math teacher in a college in Indiana. many ways to have a family.

God Bless You!

June Judge in Iowa City.

(by the way..your aunt is doing well ..she needs the 24 residential support..due to her residual problems from the strokes she had in Florida..11 years ago. She continues to have her good nature.. She loves you and Travis..a great deal)