Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bye, Bye Camry, Hello Matrix!

Yep, we have a new car! Troy and I looked at cars Sunday evening and wrote down vehicles that we were interested in. We were looking into used Toyota Camrys and Corollas since we could not afford used Odysseys or Siennas. Low and behold, there was a used Toyota Matrix that was kind of cute. We didn't see a price on it, but looked it up online. Come to find out, it was in our price range and included everything we wanted. I could not sleep Sunday night thinking of this car and how I was going to wheel and deal the sales associate. We did A LOT of research Sunday night on Matrix's and got comparable prices and reviews. I went to the dealership Monday afternoon and test drove the car! It was SO much fun to drive. Troy drove it later that afternoon once I picked him up from work. He liked it a lot and we made an offer. Come to find out, the price was painted on the winshield of the vehicle and we didn't even see it Sunday night. It was a God thing because we wouldn't have considered the car based on the price on the winshield. The internet had it at a cheaper price and the dealership had to honor it. The rest is history! We prayed that God would lead us to the right vehicle and sales associate. Indeed he did! Just shows you to stay open to what God wants for you and not what you want yourself! We hadn't even considered a Matrix until we saw it that evening! We KNOW God wanted us to have that car! As the towing company was taking away our Camry, the dealership called to tell us the title on our Matrix was in and we need to sign!

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