Saturday, August 26, 2006

We Got Them!

Our set of documents we sent to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago to be authenticated arrived of Friday! All we are waiting for is the 171-H! Troy (not knowing the difference between DCFS and USCIS) said, "I think it came in today!" I got super excited only to find it was our DCFS license from the state of Illinois stating we are a certified foster home! Oh well! Checking the mail is the most exciting, but so far most disappointing part of the day! We are going to send what we have so far to CCAI to have them look over it. Once the 171-H arrives, I am going to drive to Springfield and have it certified in a day and then probably drive to Chicago the next day to have it authenticated! It costs a little bit more $$$, but when you are this close, you just want it DONE!!!

On a happier note, many families got their referrels on Friday for their children! We cannot wait to get there! Please pray that China speeds up the process! As I stated earlier, when we started our paperwork, we had a 6-9 month wait after our dossier was sent to China. Now they are saying our wait will be 12-14 months! We continue to pray for twins and find our selves saying, "When we get our kids...."!

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