Tuesday, August 01, 2006

OK...I Know We Were A Little Emotional...

I know we were a little emotional yesterday, but you can't help but cry when you watch Sophie at www.waitingforsophie.blogspot.com give us all kisses (July 30th post)! I don't know how we came across this blog, but this has been one of our favorites we read daily. Shana always has the best pictures and videos!

Yesterday was also an emotional day for me (Amy) due to my job. I have been working at the prenatal clinic (we build relationships and the families get to make toys for their miracle(s) )on Monday and Wednesday mornings and absolutely LOVE IT! We build such great relationships with our moms/families and it is so neat to follow them through their pregnancy and then get to experience their miracles in the end. Well, while reading the paper Monday morning, I saw one of my previous student's nephew died during labor. I shared this with my co-workers and then found out one of our moms who was in the clinic last Monday with her one month old twin boys, lost one the following day. The funeral was this past Saturday! I was shocked! I watched these two boys last Monday and helped their mom carry them down to the car and snap them in! After learning of these two deaths, I then got to visit 3 families in the hospital who just delivered and share in their joys! I love my job and all that BabyTALK does....it has such incredible highs and lows!

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