Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FBI Fingerprinting...DONE!

Troy and I went to St. Louis today to get fingerprinted for our 171-H. I am going to call USCIS on Thursday to see if my fingerprints turned out OK. The examiner had to roll each finger 2-5 times to get a good print. I learned that I have very large fingerprints and my hands are extremely dry despite the lotion I use daily! It must be the chlorine at the Y...that is my thought! I have heard people have to have them done twice and I don't really want to drive 2 1/2 hours again! In addition to our fingerprints, we got our passport photos taken that are part of our Dossier. We have to submit 3 pictures which means we have an extra since passport photos come as 2. To end our morning in STL, we had lunch at Seamus McDaniels in our old neighborhood, Dogtown. They have the best hamburgers, so of course, we each got one! Being back in STL really made us homesick for the city and where we began our marriage! I almost forgot, the rest of our documents were sent to Chicago for authentication! We are going to send everything in to CCAI minus the 171-H. They will receive it once we get it in, but we want CCAI to look over our paperwork just in case their our errors. Slowly, but surely!

Congrats to my friend and college roommate, Lisa, on their referral! She is precious!

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