Thursday, December 23, 2010

We're Off and Running...

...with full speed ahead. It has been one of those homecomings that you only have to laugh through or it could break you down. We arrived in Chicago last Thursday and decided to spend the night one last time with my mom and to help with jet lag. It has made all the difference in the world for me and Remy, but the boys have been hit with the jet lag bug. Ty wants to take long naps that we have to wake him up from, and then he will wake up at 3 am ready to go. Troy on the other hand wants to sleep all the time. It doesn't help that he has fever, strep throat and an ear infection. Remy went to the Dr. on Monday for a follow-up for the pneumonia she had while in China. She is now on Singulair and has 4 breathing treatments a day to help with her wheezing and coughing. During one of Ty's 3 am wake-up parties, he somehow hurt his left arm while playing in his bed. After an early morning trip to Urgent Care, he had nursemaids elbow and popped it back in place. That was a new one for me. And me, praise God the good Lord has kept me well (besides a runny nose) and given me the energy to take care of my family on little sleep. Praise God for our friends who gave us some frozen meals to get through the early days of adjusting as a family of 4 dealing with all sorts of shenanigans. All I want for Christmas is a healthy family and jet lag to be over with!
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Brian and Ruth said...

Welcome home Roenfanz family!!! We wish all of you a very quick recovery, lots of restful sleep (and good coffee :0)) and a very very Merry Christmas.

Much love,
Brian, Ruth and gang

Pam said...

Oh My, this happened to Xiao Qing when she was about 3. Scared me but the dr. popped it back in easily. I cringe when I see adults rough housing with kids and grabbing them at the arms and wrists. Glad he recovered quickly. Love, Pam