Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas to Remember...

... and not repeat. Christmas Eve started out with a beautiful snowfall of 5 inches starting in the afternoon. Remy had a low grade fever throughout the day so we thought it was best not to go to church, plus the weather did not help. It was a relaxing evening getting prepared for the big day. Ty was super excited and Remy had no idea what the excitement. We set out popcorn (we have tons of it at home as gifts from various people) and milk for Santa, along with carrots for the reindeer. We ended the evening with reading "The Night Before Christmas" and "Corduroy's Christ mas" in anticipation for Christmas Day. We opened presents first thing in the morning while our monkey bread was cooking in the oven. We finished it off with fresh fruit and lots of bacon. Mimosas have always been a part of Christmas morning for the adults, but we were so busy with the kiddos that we didn't partake. I needed an IV of coffee to get me through the morning. Remy had woken up at 1:00 in the morning with a high fever so I gave her meds, then again at 7:00 am. and then again at 2:00. This reminded me of our time in China so I called my doctor. She recommended we go to the ER....

Our cuties getting ready for Santa. Ty gets so hot that he had to cool down and take off his shirt. What would the Chinese think of this?!?

Our greatest gifts.

All the Christmas blessings from those we love.

Ty likes his picture taken these days and even suggested he pose.

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