Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Experiments with the Vitamix

The Vitamix has been one of the best gifts I have received! Thanks Dad! It is a blender on steroids that is so versatile and easy to clean. It is right up there with our coffee pot and microwave for almost daily use. I have made ice cream in 30 seconds or less, smoothies, salad dressings, hot soup, margaritas with the consistency of many restaurants and lots of juice. My favorites so far have been mango and pineapple ice cream, nectarine margaritas, and this refreshing cucumber/mint drink below. Those that have devoured these with me will agree.

Praise God we have a plethora of cucumbers to use for this drink. Next year we will add mint to the garden. It reminds me of a mojito without the alcohol.

Take our only zucchini from the garden believe it or not...

add some celery, carrot, potato, chicken broth and spices...PRESTO! This soup comes out hot!

...and you get a little guy enjoying all of his vegetables without even realizing it! Thank God he enjoys his veggies anyway, but this machine is perfect when our little ones are on soft/liquid diets after surgeries.

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