Tuesday, August 17, 2010

E-Mealz, You Make My Heart Sing!


I decided to sign up for E-Mealz after hearing several promotions and reading about it in our paper. I have gotten into a rut and cooked the same meals over and over while inserting a new one in hear and there. Each week I was determined to try something new and after spending several hours in recipe books and then writing a grocery list, I had enough. It was easier to go back to the basics. So E-Mealz has come to my rescue. So far I have been impressed. It only costs $1.25 a week or $5 a month and I believe I actually save money. You pick the store you would prefer to shop at and the type of meal style you would prefer to eat. We are experimenting with the low-carb at Walmart, but do our shopping at various places with the best deal. I have been impressed so far. I don't have to think what I am going to cook for dinner and it prints out a shopping list for you! I think our family is actually eating healthier, not that we didn't do so already. Plus, we are exposing Ty to a new variety of flavors. He has become somewhat pickier then he used to be, but I refuse to meal plan just for him. Try it out and see for yourself!

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T n' W said...

Girl, I could kiss you for posting this! I've been doing the same thing, trying new things left and right. Last week I tried a chicken and Sasuage gumbo. Had like twleve ingredients, took 3 1/2 hrs. to cook and still wasnt' all that. William thinks I'm secrectly trying to put him on a diet!LOL! Think I just might give this a try:)