Friday, July 18, 2008

Ty's Bedroom

Here are a few pics of Ty's nursery. I made a banner with his name using some random scrapbooking paper that I had and I LOVE how it turned out. Very eclectic, but it works. My mom also sent us a Chinese folk art picture her class gave her during her teaching days in Westlake. She loved the picture so much she purchased another from the artist and it is displayed in the bedroom I grew up in. This picture goes perfectly and it has a mother pig with her piglets. Ty was born in the year of the Golden Pig. We are so grateful we can display a piece of art that represents his heritage.


Julie said...

Amy - I love the nursery! It turned out perfect. His name banner looks great with the bedding. And the picture works perfectly too.
I know you can't wait to have Ty home.

Julie (& Chris)

june judge said...

Hello Troy and Amy,

Your mother Sharen, told us about your successful journey to Baby Roenfanz. My youngest son Mike and his wife Masae (Japanese), have been trying for 12 years to have a baby. Mike asked me what the agency or procedure you used find your baby.

He may be reached by e-mailing

He is a writer and editor for the Wall Street Journal..and the Far Eastern Review..


June Judge
Iowa City

Anonymous said...