Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7 Months Down and ? to Go!

Today marks our 7 months of being logged into the CCAA for our child(ren). This time has gone amazingly fast! Hopefully, we have one year or less (my optimistic attitude for once) to wait for our little one(s). Right now we are in a transition time for our family with Troy now being an "urban missionary" and working for the YMCA as an associates sports director. We are launching a house/simple/organic church network in Decatur this September with the first one out of our home. Currently, we are working on laying the foundations and doing weekly training to a group of people who are interested in this way of being the church. We know God's timing is PERFECT and adding little ones during this time would be an adjustment. It will be nice to get the network off the ground and moving throughout the city!

A bit of interesting news, the CCAA has finished reviewing the month of May 2006 dossiers and they were only in the review room for 14 days. April 2006 was in for 106 days! They say the review room has nothing to do with how fast matches will be made, but I have a hard time believing this. I pray this is a good indication that things will be speeding up! The excerpt below is from Rumor Queen's website on how the review room works. RQ's site depresses me, but I like to look at it during referral time!

Each agency has their own review person. They know how to put a dossier together based on how their review person wants to see it, and based on the things their review person will approve or deny.
Each review person has their own assigned agencies, or maybe their own assigned country.
Sometimes one review person has twice as many files to review as someone else does that month, but the next month they may have half as many.
This means that one reviewer could be several months ahead of another reviewer, and may stay that way until their agencies have a big month and they get slowed down again. It is normal for one reviewer to still be working on February while another reviewer has made it to April.
The review room notice on the CCAA site won’t show that a month is complete until all reviewers are through with that month.

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