Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Adoption Bracelet

We had some dear friends give us this adoption bracelet, but of course, it is only worn by me, Amy. It is by Lisa Lehmann, of Studio Jewel. It came with this fabulous explanation:

Adoption Celebration was created to be reminder of all that your family has become, or is in the process of becoming.

Beginning with a prayer...a dream...a wish...placed inside the Prayer Box. A prayer for a child to be your very own, to love and cherish, to guide, to give a home and a future. While you are praying, wishing, dreaming you are Three Strands: a mother, a father and a child...each on your own personal journey...waiting to become something stronger together.

The dream becomes a reality, there is a child who will soon be your very own - that is represented by the Baby Feet and Heart charm. Once that child arrives she becomes your family. You are no longer separate buy you have been brought together. This is represented by the Family Tree charm as well as the three strands becoming a Solid Bangle on the bracelet.

There will be memories and milestones to come as you go through life together, no two days will ever be the same - thus the mixture of beads and twisted wire.

Celebrate! and never forget the journey of how you became a family!

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