Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We are trying to be patient in this paperchase period, but it is getting really frustrating! We paid the second half of our homestudy a month ago and was told it would be finished in a week. Three weeks later, we still do not have anything! We were told the homestudy process would take 2-3 months and got excited when we received the 2nd bill in June. It looked like we would be on the 2 month track, but now we are at 2.5 months. We were told to be patient, but when you are so close to being done, you just want it to end! I think I am going to send our completed waiting papers on their round of certification so if feels like we are doing something and get our 171-H certified on its own. I emailed our adoption specialist on our status and continue to wait for her reply.

On the more exciting front, Troy's dad came to visit us for a week over the 4th of July and they put up a basketball hoop, Troy's Father's Day present. They had some good bonding time figuring out the plan! Troy had to get the measuring tape out and mark with chalk where the 3 point line would be if it was painted on our driveway. I thought this goal was for fun, but he is serious about it! Hopefully God has us here for enough years for our children to get to enjoy it too!

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Lisa said...

You are doing so great! I know you are frustrated, but believe me... all of this is going to get you the baby *you are supposed to have*! It will be all worth it and a faint memory soon!

Why not ask your homestudy agency to overnight the homestudy to USCIS? Just an idea to help speed it up.

love ya, Lisa