Sunday, April 30, 2006

We Are Waiting...Again

We got my birth certificate in this past week along with Troy's birth certificate certified by the Secretary of State in Iowa. We also got in what was suppossed to be the certified copy of our marriage certificate, BUT we got somebody elses DIVORCE DECREE!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHH! I am going to mail it back and email the sender to have them expediate our MC. Once we get it in, my BC and our MC will be sent to Texas's Secretary of State to be certified!

On a more positive note, we have our first homestudy visit tomorrow! I also FAXED some documents to CCAI to see if they were done right before we have them notarized and they were GREAT!!! YEAH! We have also had a lot of rain this week which is always appreciated. Troy and I dug up some grass around our deck for our latest landscaping project and replanted the grass in some spots that needed some TLC. Luckily, they are taking great. We are just waiting for the yard to dry out before we add the plants and rock! Now I understand why you pay landscapers the big bucks, but there is so much pride in saying you did it yourself!

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