Thursday, April 13, 2006


We FINALLY sent our homestudy material in the mail today! It was quite the chore to gather and complete all the necessary documents! We had to send in the adoption application, DCFS application, bio's on both Troy and I, floorplan of our house with all fire exits (we had to draw it), document from our health insurance stating they will cover an adopted child, Jack's immunization records, financial statement, copies of our physicals, copy of our marriage certificate, copy of 2005 tax return, and all the questions we had to answer about our marriage, spouse, parenting, feelings on adoption, etc. It feels great to have it done and in the mail! We also got our police clearnance reports done yesterday (we are without a record!!!) and our I-600A (petition to adopt an orphan) along with the money order went in the mail on Wednesday! WWWHHHEEEEWWW! Now we are just waiting for our certified copies of our marriage certificate and birth certificates to come in the mail. From there, our adoption specialist will complete our homestudy. We have 2 face-to-face meetings and 2 visits in our home. It is our goal to have the homestudy process completed by the end of May, early June, if not sooner! I just saw that the wait now is 10-14 months after you receive your log-in date (LID- once all your paperwork-dossier-gets to China) to get a referral. We were told to be patient, so our patience is being tested. Please keep us in your prayers during this time and that the process may speed up! It is great that so many people want to adopt orphans, but it just makes our wait even longer!

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