Saturday, January 16, 2010

A White Christmas

Christmas day gave us a dusting of snowfall, but during the night, more snow dumped then expected. The forecast was saying 1-3 inches, but we got double that. Ty demanded to make a snowman on Christmas day, but there was not enough snow to even fathom the idea. Give it an evening...and he got what he wanted...but despised his time getting dressed in appropriate gear (prefers the natural state these days). After we struggled to get into somewhat appropriate clothes, we went out for a sled ride. Lo and behold, our neighbor buddy had already built 2 snowmen!
Looking very cute, but was miserable. He demanded he have his sun glasses on just like Mom.

Assisting on putting the finishing touches with JB.

Then we were off to finish our sledding around the neighborhood.

Poor little guy doesn't have a nose to keep the sun glasses up.

Mom giving Dad a break.

I LOVE having four seasons after coming from Central Texas where we said it was either green or brown. Now only if we had some ski slopes nearby, I would be in heaven. Our area of town is equipped with the hills, but those crazy cars get in the way. I did see some locals try cross country skiing the other day while dodging the mailman.


T n' W said...

That's funny. That mailman would be in trouble around here. Last time we got lots of snow, William pulled me around town on a river raft behind the Explorer! After a few of those driveway thingys and then the infamous light pole, my highway days are done......

Anonymous said...