Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trains...Choo Choo!

The Daddy was gone on a weekend work retreat , so Ty and Mommy explored new territory. Ty has been in love with trains since we live in Corn Syrup Production Country. I must say they are now an exciting encounter instead of the annoying "I am stopped by a train on my way to work" disturbance. So we went to a railway museum and rode the train into town, had lunch at a local joint, toured the glass blowing gallery very carefully (not recommended with a toddler) and a few other stores all before catching the train back to our starting point.

Looking cute in his autumn attire, perfect for the cool and windy day.

Ty was enthralled by the entire experience. Like his mom, he becomes really quiet and soaks in the entire experience.

We were off the train on our way to lunch. All the little guy wanted to do was get back on the train.

Seriously concentrating on the next bend ahead.