Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Are Alive

Sorry everyone for not updating in a while...I hear you. We have been back from Texas for a week and a half now, but life has been busy. My time on the computer has been dominated by data entry help for a coworker (hopefully I will still have a job come July 1...crazy Illinois politics. Gov. wants to cut social services, including early childhood (ME!) which is DEADLY!) I have lovely pictures to post from our trip to Texas (I will give you a sneak peak of one moment) and lots of cute Tyisms. The little guy is getting cuter and funnier each day. And of course, our new floor. It still isn't done. It is in, but touch ups need to be done and it is driving me crazy. I am ready to have my house in order and decorate. Oh course one project leads to another. I have always despised our indoor light fixtures and our new floor is calling them to be replaced SOON.