Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Boys

While it is New Years Eve, we are having a quit night hibernatinging and catching up. We are SOOOO gratefulf for what 2008 brought our family. These are pics from our recent visit to Austin and feeding the ducks. We ARE the Rubber Ducky Chronciles, so what else do you expect? Ty had more fun eating the bread then feeding the ducks, but it was an experience to say the least!


Ruth and Brian said...

3 days and counting till surgery day and we are praying with you!

Oh Lord, you are Sovereign. What a great God you are. We trust you with Ty as you created him first. We ask Lord for your healing power to be on, in and through baby Ty as he has surgery. We pray for him to be at peace and calm, for him to be soothed even absent of his finger to suck on, for pain management, for his eating and sleeping. We lay him in your hands Lord for your anointing before, during and after surgery.

Father we pray for the surgeons, nurses, aides who will be present during surgery that you will guide their hands, give them wisdom as they perform this delicate procedure. We pray that you will give each and every one of them a good nights rest the night before so they may be alert and ready for their part in this surgery.

And God we pray for Troy and Amy as they place their little boy in the care of the Doctors and nurses, that their hearts will be confident and trusting. We pray Lord that you will give them both a sense of peace that only comes from you during their time of waiting while Ty is in surgery. We ask also Lord that you will give them patience to deal with whatever recovery looks like. That they will be given the wisdom and discernment that you offer as they care for their son during this difficult time.

In Your name, Amen!

God be with you guys.
Ruth and Brian

Alyson and Ford said...

and our family responded to Ruth and Brian's most beautiful prayer with our Amen.

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