Thursday, May 15, 2008

17 Months and Other Stuff

Sunday, which was also Mother's Day, happened to be our 17 month anniversary of being in line for our miracle(s). While it is one month closer, it still looks like it could be years before we meet our little one(s), but we wait...and pray...and pray...and pray.... Troy was telling me about a friend of his who had his kids in his 20's so he could enjoy retirement in his 60's. Troy and I laughed at the idea and came to the conclusion that our retirement has been the last 7+ we are going to enjoy it while we wait. The way things are going, our 60's will be paying for school. Our kids will keep us young!

Since Sunday was Mother's Day, the guys from our house church fixed buttermilk/flaxseed pancakes and bacon for the ladies! It was yummy, but also hard for me to stay out of the kitchen and want to control their doings...just trying to offer a little hints to make things easier. Our house church continues to grow...a good problem to have. Troy is changing positions at the YMCA which will give him more time to concentrate on the Joshua Tree House Church Network.

Only one week left of school! The pregnant/parenting moms that I have worked with this year have been really wonderful. This year has been the least dramatic of the past 3. I look forward to seeing many of them next year...and in the hospital this summer.