Friday, August 03, 2007

21st it is...

Of November. That is how far the CCAA went in referrals this month. Congratulations to all of those families who received referrals. Rumor Queen said there were many boys referred and several sets of twins! I have not come across any blogs out there to confirm this, but it is interesting. I am still waiting for our agency to post how many referrals they received this month. Rumors out there say November 2005 was a large month for log-in days and things should speed up.

This is the weekend for the Decatur Celebration... a weekend long street fair with bands, food, various acts, crafts, etc. This is a HUGE event for Decatur! For people who have moved away, THIS is the weekend they often come back for family/class reunions. Our neighborhood is full of guests! Troy and I are helping park cars at the church on Saturday since our church is offering free parking because God's love is free. Chris Rice is playing on the Christian stage Saturday night so we plan on seeing what he is like in concert.

On a personal note...please keep Troy and I in your prayers. We are launching the first simple church out of our house starting Sept. 9! We have been meeting with a group of people every Wednesday for the past 4 months on laying the foundations for this soon to be simple church network! Everyone is so excited and ready to start now!


Carol said... Have you seen this site yet? It has lots and lots of blogs, somehow saraquest was linked here.

Emily said...

This simple church is soooo awesome! I think it's great that y'all are on the way to doing something like this. Seth and I have been doing similar things in our faith life as well. I would love to hear more!

Congrats on time getting closer to seeing your little one(s). I'm praying for y'all!