Thursday, April 12, 2007

4 Months Down...

and hopefully only 12 more or less to go...that is our prayer. The wait is getting harder at this point, especially since the CCAA only matched 2 days worth of LID this last month. Lately, it has been taking them ~2 months to get through one months worth of LID. They are only at 10/27/05, I believe. YIKES! We continue to remind ourselves that God's time is perfect and we will have our child(ren) when He is ready! This has been a very hard concept for me to understand lately, especially when I work with teen moms who continue to have children! Working with them has not bothered me until lately. It is not fair! I had one mom considering making an adoption plan and wanted Troy and I to adopt her baby. She changed her mind after pressure from her family who said they would help out, but do you think they are helping....NO! They are "trying to teach her a lesson"! AAAGGGHHHH! They wouldn't even pick her up from the hospital! Enough ranting and raving. I do have SO MUCH to be grateful husband, Jackson (ruff, ruff), great friends and a warm house and so much more!

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