Saturday, March 03, 2007

This Time Last Year...

We were in Alaska for Travis and Rebecca's wedding(My BIL and SIL)! Happy First Anniversary Travis and Becca! Today is also the ceremonial start of the Iditarod! We saw this last year and it is amazing! We didn't realize how tiny (thin) the sled dogs really are! The movies portray them as thick coated Huskies, but the dogs are really far from that.

Troy and I have been busy with work, church, stamping workshops, etc. It is nice to have off this Saturday to just be US! It is snowing AGAIN, but just a beautiful dusting! It is a great day to stay home!

Troy moved our furniture in our guest bedroom into our empty 4th bedroom to have the "nursery" a blank slate and ready to go. We still have a long wait until we get our kid(s), but it is cute to see his enthusiasm to get it ready. We always talked about decorating it once we get our referral, but there are still nail holes to patch and clean up.

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