Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pics From the Blizzard!

Troy is using our tree trimmer to get some of the heavy snow off our awning!

You can see how deep the snow is compared to Jack! He finally has a decent area to potty in!

I was out shoveling snow again to make our entrance hazard free!

Our Senior Pastor showed up with the churches snow blower to blow our driveway and sidewalk! Thanks Pastor Wray! By the way, didn't they say to stay off the roads?

The tree was Jack's potty area before we got MORE snow and our driveway was plowed!

Jack had to check on his bunny friends underneath the deck first thing in the morning. I had to shovel snow away from the door so he could get out. This was earlier in the morning before we had a big dump. Jack would have been buried in all the snow had he gone out in the afternoon!

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K. said...

Hi! I just came across your journal- I am also in the Winter Blossoms group so I thought I'd say hello! HELLO! :)