Thursday, November 02, 2006

And It Is....

Off and in the mail! The 171-H along with our second agency fee and CCAA fee are flying the FedEx skies to CCAI! My dear friend Glenda and I took the Amtrak train from Lincoln, IL to Chicago on Wednesday to get our 171-H authenticated (I probably spelled that wrong, but oh well at this point). It was kind of stressful for me, but we got it done! I am grateful Glenda went with me for her prayers and suppport! I took my camera to document the journey, but it was acting up for the first time! Satan likes to ruin things you know. I am blessed that all is in the mail and we are done, so far! I mailed our materials Fed Ex this time at a Mail Box Etc. for convience sake and paid extra $ then USPS, but come to find out, a member from our church owns the business and I supported him. Plus, he said he would pray over our documents! That touched my heart! Thank you Tom and Jerrie!

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